Industrial Air Pollution System

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Dust separator are used in the following application

  • Cereal, grains and flour
  • Minerals and ores
  • Chemical powders and granules
  • Dried milk and milk derivatives
  • Dried and granulated food and food additives
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Quarry and asphalt premix plant
  • Cement plant
  • Glass factories
  • Rubber related industries
  • Wood working industries
  • Paper based industries
  • Oil palm mill (pneumatic conveying system for kernels)
  • Oil palm refinery (pneumatic conveying system of bleach)
  • Fabric industries
  • Powder coating
  • Short blasting

Oil_Mist_2-300x266 Oil_Mist_1-151x300

  • Multiple stage trapping system
  • Oil mist and coolant mist
  • Efficiency up to 99.9% on 0.3 micron
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Continuous draining during operation
  • Suitable both intermittent and continuous operation
  • Modular design which makes it possible to provide customized solution ranging from single unit to large central installation